Center Information - Dhamma Sindu (Ocean of Dhamma)

This abode of Dhamma( Vipassana Meditation Center ) is just 1 km inland from sweeping reach of the pristine shoreline of the Arabian Sea. It is situated near the small village Bada, 24 km west of the historic port city of Mandvi, Kutch.

The first vipassana course conducted here was on November 8th, 1991. Ven. Goenkaji conducted a 10 day course here on 7 Nov. 1992.

Kutch Vipassana Center, "DhammaSindhu":
village: Bada, taluka: Mandvi, district: Kutch, Gujarat, 370 475 INDIA.
Phone: Office, mobile : +91-7874623305
City contact: C/o : Unique Architects
204, Ashirwad Complex, Lakda Bazar, Mandvi, district : Kutch, Gujarat : 370 465
Mob. +91 9974575660, ph: (02834) 223575
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Sea breezes & greenery in the campus make the climate pleasant. From November to March the average day temperature ranges between 23° to 29° C and night time temperatures are between 14° to 19° C. Occasionally it may go down up to 5° C.!! During April to October the temperature ranges between 30° to 35° C, and on rare occasions it may reach up to 42° C for short periods. Night temps during these 7 months are between 22° to 26° C. About 200 mm rainfall takes place July to August.

The total campus area is thirty five acres and is filled with about 2000 trees, 400 vines/creepers and 1000 flower plants/shrubs, all watered by drip irrigation. Greenery & shade of trees + colors & fragrances of flowers attract many birds, including peacocks. Thanks to a big pond just opposite to the center, abundant supply of good quality water is assured.

Center Facilities

There are 4 Dhamma halls. No.1 has capacity to serve 300 meditators, No.2 (newly done in 2013) can serve 100 and two mini halls = No.3 & 4 has capacities of 30 & 20. There are 184 cells in the Pagoda.

All the accommodations have solar hot water facility & are self contained, many are with western toilets. Complete bedding + mosquito nets are provided. The total present capacity is for 120 male and 80 female. During long courses (allotting single accommodation to each meditator ) it is : 80 male & 64 female. Constructions / developments of various facilities go on continuously.

Separate new dining halls for male & female can serve up to 120 students each. Meals are non-spicy & indigenous. Reverse Osmosis system assures best drinking water here. Boiled; filtered and chilled water is also available. Inner roads & walk paths are cemented.

The office includes a computer room, three phones and fax, information gallery, and a small store for books and cassettes CDs. The guesthouse has four double rooms. Rich Dhamma library includes Pali texts as well books in Hindi English & Gujarati.

Dhamma Sindhu is truly an ideal retreat for deep meditation. ~ Tranquil & enlightening.

The Parami Of Generosity

According to the pure tradition of Vipassana, courses are run solely on the basis of freely offered donations. No fee is charged.

Neither the Teacher nor the Assistant Teachers receive any remuneration; they along with Dhamma servers and many others who serve the courses volunteer their time solely motivated by gratitude for the benefits personally received from Vipassana.

The courses are financed totally by donations from students who have completed a prior course and have a volition to share the benefits they have received by giving donations for the students who will come after them.

How donations are used:

Donations given at the end of a course and other general dana are used to finance future courses and center operations. This includes construction activities, food, utilities, supplies and maintenance.

Students may avail the opportunity to earn paramis by:

  • Offering Dhamma Service
  • Meditating on the Dhamma land whenever possible
  • Donating in Kind (after duly checking with the Centre Management)
  • Donating in Cash

Our bank a/c info. is currently being updated, those with a volition to donate, kindly e-mail or or call on +91 9925674104. Any inconvenience is regretted.

May your meritorious donation allow Dhamma to reach many.
May you receive the best fruits of Dhamma

Individual room residence (90 Male and 70 Female)
Entrance to Dhamma Sindhu
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